TG Promotion Happy in Love

Happy in Love for 2

Tax included


Sales  :   Jan15 – Feb15,2015  only

Travel:   Feb01 – May15,2015


Last departure date May15,2015

Ticket must be issued for minimum of two adults



Hong Kong                              8,735.-tax inc  validity   14days

Bangkok-Hong Kong not valid on TG600


Sapporo                                22,000.-tax inc  validity   14days

Fukuoka                                 17,445.-tax inc  validity   14days


Seoul                                      15,885.-tax inc  validity   14days

Pusan                                     15,735.-tax inc  validity   14days


Beijing/Shanghai                14,910.-tax in  validity    14days


Guangzhou                             9,685.-tax in  validity    14days

Chengdu/Xiamen                10,615.-tax in  validity    14days


Kunming                               8,835.-tax inc  validity    14days



Ho Chi Minh                        7,420.-tax inc  validity     14days

Hanoi                                    7,585.-tax inc  validity     14days

Luang Prabang                  8,315.-tax inc  validity     14days




Sydney/Brisbane             24,000.-tax inc  validity    21days

Melbourne 23,580.-tax inc  validity    21days

Perth                                   19,460.-tax inc  validity    21days

Auckland                           28,240.-tax inc  validity    21days


London                              38,425.-tax inc  validity     21days

Bangkok-London valid on TG916


Frankfurt                          35,345.-tax inc  validity     21days

Bangkok-Frankfurt valid on TG922


Paris                                   34,160.-tax inc  validity     21days



Munich                               33,890.-tax inc  validity    21days

Zurich                                 32,385.-tax inc  validity    21days

Madrid                               32,275.-tax inc  validity    21days


Rome                                   32,690.-tax inc  validity    21days

Milan /Brussels                32,325.-tax inc  validity    21days


Copenhagen                      32,120.-tax inc  validity    21days

Stockholm                          31,855.-tax inc  validity    21days

Oslo                                     31,675.-tax inc  validity    21days


TG reserves the right to change fares and conditions without prior notice.


For other destinations please call Able Tour 02 6309418-9 or email to


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