can i paint straight onto filler

The brush should be small and easily handled, with bristles that are about 1 to 2 inches (2.5 to 5.1 cm) long. Make sure the filler has a good deep tooth to grip. Newly plastered walls and ceilings look great, but painting them can throw up problems, so it pays to be prepared. you`ll get lines in the filler. As with anything else in the building industry, practice makes perfect, so don’t rush to your walls straight away, sacrifice a couple of pounds on … You are getting great advice. Once the gap is filled a wet finger can be run down the joint to "tidy" it up. For all other surfaces, make sure to use no grit higher than 220. just remember the easy fill will sink in any big holes though and may need refilling. House of Kolor had some good paint/restoration books. it also takes a while to dry if the holes are deep. Using this product can save hours of time. It should also have as sharp an angle as you can find. Better yet, there could be new fillers I am not aware of now. By Julia Gray Last updated: 18 May 2018 - 12.00pm Nothing I can add. Don't scrimp on paint. It’s a high-solids product and has minimal shrinkage. Don’t apply filler over unsanded metal. Pour the paint into a 5-gallon (19-liter) can with an attached side tray; roller trays that you set on the floor spill too easily, are often stepped in, and are difficult to pick up and move without creating a mess [source: Painting … Perhaps a filler will be created and provide data that their body filler can be applied over sanded paint and guaranteed. This gets rid of any loose, fluffy strands on the rollers that you don't want to paint onto your walls. use a very fine or worn sand paper on the filler so as not to scratch it, you`ll see what i mean if its too rough. You can buy angled paint brushes anywhere that regular paint brushes are sold. Mask off areas that won't be painted with painter's tape, and cut in corners and edges with a brush. Depending on the color, expect to pay close to $1000 for primer, surfacer, base and clear coat. Red oxide primer is a specially formulated coating used as a base coat for ferrous metals. Think of it as a sprayable body filler. Give the filler a good rough surface to hold onto. The more pronounced the angle, the easier it will be to paint a straight line. sounds good mate. Most of the work we do is done with either 80- or 120-grit. Painting tiles can dramatically cut the cost of renovating a tired looking bathroom or even kitchen, and with our handy step-by-step guide to painting tiles, you can put this quick and cost-effective solution to the test in your own home. I ask because I do not have the equipment or place to do an over-all primer job, and I want to protect the few areas where I have done body work, and a few sand-throughs from rust until it can be overcoated completely with an epoxy primer. best is to something like a rubbing pad or block. For me, epoxy primer, bodywork, more epoxy, surfacer and color coat is the way to go. Surplus filler can be removed easily with a damp rag. there cheap and will do the job ok. If so, does that include rattle-can lacquer primers like PlastiKote's Spot Filler Primer? It sands easily and is perfect for getting those wavy panels straight. Painting With Red Oxide Primer. For metal, that means sand or media blasting. If you know of a filler that has a clear answer for this question and the data to back it, please let me know. Painting in direct sunlight can weaken the paint and cause it to fail.

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