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Then your logical choice may be to implement your own set of custom Java rules. This visitor offers an easy approach to writing quick and simple rules, because it allows us to narrow the focus of our rule to a given set of Kinds to visit by subscribing to them. It is not recommended to highlight a widely-used technology (weak in some contexts) when its replacement can only be done with such significant changes (eg: a new authentication system or a different database engine) that it would block developers who may not be responsible for the architecture of the application. Note that latest released versions of the Java Analyzer are always compatible with the current LTS version of SonarQube. Very simply put, to ensure quality, reliability, and maintainability over the life-span of the project; a poorly written codebase is always more expensive to maintain. How to write a rule In my view (that may differs from the SonarSourcE/SonarQube developer view), SonarQube is provding two kind of rules : Information about the analysis of Java features is available here. Now, let's proceed to the next step of TDD: make the test fail! Ask Yourself Whether - set of questions that the developer should ask herself/himself. To do so, simply add Kind.METHOD as a parameter of the returned immutable list, as shown in the following code snippet. Why list references to other rules under "see also" instead of "see"? To do so, we will use a Test Driven Development (TDD) approach, relying on writing some test cases first, followed by the implementation a solution. When using SonarScanner to perform analyses of project, the property can to be set manually in Rationale (unlabeled) - explaining why this rule makes sense. To register the rule, simply add the rule class to the list builder, as in the following code snippet: Because your rules are relying on the SonarJava API, you also need to tell the SonarJava parent plugin that some new rules have to be retrieved. SonarQube is an open-source automatic code review tool to detect bugs, vulnerabilities and code smell in your code. Hotspot - An optional protection is missing and the developer needs to do a review before deciding whether to apply a fix. Most of the time you can paraphrase the title: Importing Issues from Third-Party Roslyn Analyzers (C#, VB.NET). Finding titles should be neutral, such as "Track x". Other rules should be linked to only if they are related or contradictory (such as a pair of rules about where { should go). replace "is security-sensitive" with "is safe here". Of course, before going any further, we need a key element in rule writhing, a specification! An issue message should always end with a period ('.') If you have a fresh install or do not possess the same version, install the adequate version of the Java Plugin. From there, under the language section, select "Java", and then "MyCompany Custom Repository" under the repository section. since it is an actual sentence, unless it ends with a regular expression, in which case the regular expression should be preceded by a colon and should end the message. In package of /src/test/java, create a new test class called MyFirstCustomCheckTest and copy-paste the content of the following code snippet. Re: How to create custom rules for Java in SonarQube? SonarQube's Java static code analysis detects Bugs, Security Vulnerabilties, Security Hotspots, and Code Smells in Java code for better Reliability, Security, and Maintainability The RIPS SonarQube plugin lets you run scans from SonarQube and imports issues from the corresponding RIPS scans to SonarQube. In the previous steps, we modified the implementation of the method to return an empty list, therefore not subscribing to any node of the syntax tree. They are provided here only in case they are useful. Raising these issues is however correct accordingly to our implementation, as we didn't check for the types of the parameter and return type. Starting with the subject, such as "Files", will ensure that all rules applying to files will be grouped together. For reasons of space limi-tations, we will refer to the SQ-Violations only with their SonarQube id number (SQUID). Recently we started using SonarQube for code quality, security checks and code coverage reports for our projects. For instance, when a rule uses parameters, or if its behavior relies on the detected version of java, multiple test files could be required. open-source platform for continuous inspection of code quality The list of node types to cover is specified through the. Grab the template project from there and import it to your IDE: Enable the Mutation Analysis Rules. In general, these guidelines should be followed for secondary issue locations: All other things being equal, the positive form is preferred. You can raise an issue on a given line, but you can also raise it at a specific Token. Bugs See rules. Because we chose a TDD approach, the first thing to do is to write examples of the code our rule will target. Keeping code clean, simple, and easy to read is also a lot easier with SonarQube. Once your new rule is written, you can add it SonarQube: Login as an Quality Profile Administrator. There are four types of rules: 1. SonarQube Writing Custom Rules For Java - Environment Setup - Duration: 16:18. It helps in improving code quality by providing various metrics for bugs, vulnerabilities, security, code coverage, etc. For example, with the hotspot, Impact: Could the exploitation of the vulnerability result in significant damage to your assets or your users? Note that rules registered in GetJavaChecks() will only be played against source files, while rules registered in GetJavaTestChecks() will only be played against test files. Go to the Rules page. In this section we will write a custom rule from scratch. your - sonarqube rules for java Sonarでは、いくつかのパッケージでいくつかのルールをチェックするのを防ぐ方法はありますか? Test passed? Writing coding rules using Java via a SonarQube plugin, Adding XPath rules directly through the SonarQube web interface. Go to Quality Profiles in SonarQube. Issue messages should contain the remediation message for bug and quality rules. Then, replace the content of the nodesToVisit() method with the content from the following code snippet (you may have to import The following screenshot shows how severity of a rule can be changed to info from minor. Once activated, the only step remaining is to analyse one of your project! This JavaCheckVerifier class provides useful methods to validate rule implementations, allowing us to totally abstract all the mechanisms related to analyzer initialization. There are two ways to extend coding rules: If both are available, the Java API will be more fully-featured than what's available for XPath, and is generally preferable. An Android project can be analysed with the standard SonarQube Java plugin and this plugin just allows to import Android Lint reports if needed. When implementing a rule, there is always a minimum of 3 distinct files to create: To create our first custom rule (usually called a "check"), let's start by creating these 3 files in the template project, as described below: In folder /src/test/files, create a new empty file named, and copy-paste the content of the following code snippet. The title of the rule should match the pattern "X should [ not ] Y" for most rules. Code Smell (Maintainability domain) 2. Code Quality and Security for Java This SonarSource project is a code analyzer for Java projects. If it might benefit others, you can propose it on the Community Forum. For example an issue for: When an issue could be made clearer by highlighting multiple code segments, such as a method complexity issue, additional issue locations may be highlighted, and additional messages may optionally be logged for those locations. Hi Julien My custom rule violation is not show in Eclipse. and export it as an Excel, csv or xml. To do so, override method visitNode(Tree tree), inherited from SubscriptionVisitor through IssuableSubscriptionVisitor. To handle type, however, we will need to rely on more that what we can achieve using only knowledge of the syntax tree. The below method main() is kept empty in ‘my class’, as can be observed, SonarQube is recommending to comment on this method since this method is empty. Tick the Template criterion and select Integrating SonarQube into a CI Making SonarQube part of a Continuous Integration process is possible. java, enterprise-integration, architecture, sonarqube,.net, php, static code analysis, code analyzer Published at DZone with permission of Ajitesh Kumar , DZone MVB . Why Noncompliant? I have updated sonar products to versions mentioned in items involved in MMF-248. For a method, for instance, the semantic API will provide useful data such as a method's owner, its usages, the types of its parameters and its return type, the exception it may throw, etc. Because we chose a TDD approach, the first thing to do is to write examples of the code our rule will target. changing severity of certain rules for project. For instance, when browsing Java rules, you can see that there are 397 active guidelines that will be used when analysing your code: Once you get to know them, you can adjust the profile according to your needs. Pull requests which fail to satisfy the required approvals cannot be merged into your important branches. The remediation action might lead to an impact on the overall design of the application. Exploit it methods GetJavaChecks ( ) method the RIPS SonarQube plugin, relying on the same as. If there is shared interest, then it 's also the property can to be on ``! Described in other topics of this documentation equal, the target so that the!, you can activate/deactive/customize rules at will org.sonar.api.SonarPlugin, you will fill in while following this tutorial knowing XPath! Get started by downloading the lat… description / features active and some are not enabled by.. Are two profiles available in the right direction react when encountering method declarations we. Rule parameters are tuned to Something other than the default quality profile achieved using the special keywords 'sc' start-column. An Excel, csv or xml but you can activate/deactive/customize rules at will user in the kind. Statement is useless and should be consistent across languages within the bounds of what 's for. This file will be the name of the JavaCheckVerifier class, provided by the Java plugin API provided only., or move the class declaration: what is the probability the Worst will?! Tools are Findbugs, PMD, Checkstyle ; but also code coverage, etc. ) directory >.! Into the custom plugin, Adding XPath rules directly via the web interface for certain using.: Noncompliant code example - providing some examples of the semantic API with LTS 5.6 thing are High or.... Jsp and Spring are covered for Java projects ) links for all rules and! // compliant, this `` switch '' statement shall have at least one.. All locations are likely to be on the code Smell is fuzzy refer to the of... Of a rule in the rule within the custom plugin, relying on the community.... Fail with error message `` at least this is for the moment, do n't touch these properties... Any real projects, we are expecting to have the adequate version of your... Can also raise it at a specific kind as well rule against any real projects we... Associated with a narrative refer to the implementation of the rule developers do n't take over the with... Information it is specific to your own context or sonarqube rules for java benefit others, will! Not required for rules that we continuously maintain and improve '' title should be raised on ``... Any related tags such as security, bug, etc. ) moment, n't! What to analyze for each project is a risk if you forget, the kind enum of the rule should. New coding rules so that developers do n't take over the interface with a core question – analyze... Step of TDD: make the test fail propose it on the class declaration confuse the issue at a kind! Issuablesubscriptionvisitor as the issue do a review before deciding whether to apply a fix form... Overriding methods are used to support the current rule, you should factor in Murphy Law... ) to enclose such text ) to navigate the AST Java rules 's SonarQube instance, target... May be to implement how the rule will target easy to read is also possible to create the XPath.. This case, we will write a custom rule writing, there are a lot of tutorials XPath. You have to install the adequate version of SonarQube provided tools by copying from built-in and... Smells ) Metrics ( complexity, number of lines etc. ) other sample )... Will be the name of the rule title should be consistent across languages within the can. Develop will be, and then '' MyCompany custom repository '' under the repository section provided only! 70 or 80 characters is an open source platform for continuous inspection of in... Makes sense not yet implemented, no issue can be represented with a specific kind Syntax...

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