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Can’t wait to go! Go about .5 miles on RT 130 then turn east (left) on Farrington Blvd. If you have additional questions about any of the waterfalls you find that isn’t on the website let me know. If we did have stone quarries I would have become a better swimmer. I was just there.kids had a ball jumping.and every falls we find we grab some garbage and take it back home to put in the garbage…and overall it maybe an upside I think for the nb waterfall book to be out because the areas are looking pretty clean from helpful people. He pinched his lips together showing remorse for saying too much. 11 Secret Swimming Spots You Have To Discover In Nova Scotia This Summer Grab your bathing suit and jump in! Anyone been to Gibson Falls or Hayes Falls near Woodstock? I do a half turn and park so I can look in rearview mirror at the quarry pool and its residence. There are other vehicles. The pool at the bottom is only about 4-5 feet deep but it is the largest and is the size of a medium sized swimming pool. I would like to go this weekend…. A horseshoe … Ns has beaches everywhere where, yet middle New Brunswick, where I currently live, is not so lucky. I own a piece of land in Gordon Falls and I would like people to stop leaving their trash behind. Pabineau Falls is the point where the Nepisiguit River is forced through a narrow opening in the surrounding rocks. The PWA simply presents the results of our testing. I used to swim at the Moss Glen falls all summer, every summer for years as a kid. I’ve been and as usual, I carry more out than I went in with, because that is the way I roll. Published June 05 2017. The trails had a number of waterfalls, swimming holes, and good views of the bay. Also up stream a bit is a larger fall great for taking pictures. Hopper Hole is a popular swimming hole for individuals in this area of south-eastern New Brunswick. When I get home, I google it. The best source for what's new in Greater Moncton. I smiled when pictures pop up. Can someone direct me to a starting point for the falls around Nackawic? Greater Moncton is the name given to the area encompassing Metro Moncton (Moncton, Riverview, and Dieppe). https://www.alltrails.com/trail/canada/new-brunswick/moosehorn-trail Easy walk in, many levels. It reminds me of an old fashion store from my childhood, sloped floors dim lighting and a damp smell but stocked with everything a person could want- including an NBLC outlet. Let me know how you like it! Gibson falls also known as kilmarnock falls is amazing . Here is my list of the best swimming holes in New Hampshire. All these falls are in the book along with many others complete with GPS co-ordinates!! Sheephouse Falls4. Bit of a challenge to get to. The best directions are on the Waterfalls of New Brunswick website. The pool was quite deep there but it ran off into smaller pools, 1, 2 and 3 feet deep so the whole family had lots of fun there. Thanks for the info. Now you can’t even go there and not see somebody you know. in Colpitt's Settlement. In 2011, Greater Moncton has a population of 138,644. I smirk, not such a secret after all. Over the past year I lamented over the lack of information about our natural wonders, Waterfalls in New Brunswick or even in Canafa . The walk in from the main road to the water took us about 15 to 20 minutes down a dirt road with some major wash out areas. Report inappropriate content . This quarry is heaven on a blistering hot day if you are scared of the ocean or just can’t make the hour plus drive to the coast for a beach. Coac falls is a long hike for people new to waterfall searching. I decided this year because of the construction I had to up date it, but I doubt people read all the way…, You’ll be happy to know, I updated it again. You'll come to a cement bridge. Gibson Creek (Kilmarnock) Falls Trail Page. Hayward falls is easier to get to and in my option just as nice. Every time I searched the Internet I would find pictures of waterfalls in Brunswick, but very little information about them and there in no map of or directions on how to locate them. Neighbours can be a great source of information or may have ulterior motives Definitely walk up stream about 50 yards and there is about a 40 ft waterfall. Great writing to supplement the superb photos. The following are our top 15 waterfalls to visit in the province. A non-profit group in New Brunswick is embarking on a project to restore Katy's Cove, a summer hot spot near the Bay of Fundy that has fallen into disrepair. Worth a look. I too used to swim at Silver Falls – I grew of on Loch Lomond Road – I moved to ON as a young adult and my parents have both passed so haven’t been back to Silver Falls in years and didn’t realize that Irving piped it off. I follow a trail down to the riverfront.What a lovely spot for a picnic. © Kelly Anne MacKay and Maritimemac, 2020-2021 Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. http://www.hikingnb.ca/Trails/LowerSJRiver/CoacFalls.html, Location de raquettes à neige au Nouveau-Brunswick, French Fort Cove History on the Creaghan Gulch Trail, Parlee Brook Amphitheatre and Friar’s Nose. Nice story tho, Thank you. During the summer months it can get pretty hot, some may think there aren't many places to swim besides the local public pool. New Brunswick Swimming Holes ( Drone Video ) - Duration: 3:13. The smaller falls just above that (Raggedy Ass Falls 2) has a pool that is formed between two plate rocks making it a deep V shape. 1-2 of 2 replies Sorted by ... St. Martins, New Brunswick . I own a cottage just up from Gordon Falls /Gibson .I have loved the area since I was a young girl.I have to say it’s best enjoyed when hiking the river after the head pond where allot of young jump .There are beautiful natural whirlpools and other magnificent rock formations .I have also been to Memmel ,Crooked creek and Quitty ,all are beautiful .Tganks for all the info provided on Glenn Moss ,I would love to see it sometime can anyone provide directions I do but gave the book referred too ? This beach welcomes approximately one million visitors each year. It is at least 10 feet deep. A lovely art piece reminded me of one I had saw in Grand-Bay last week. giving a hint about the construction, but not the location. Greater Moncton is located in New Brunswick, Canada. He was home for a surprise visit from the big smoke, A.K.A Toronto. I really enjoy Glen Moss falls for swimming, it has a very deep pool and ok above to ump off of. Reply. There are directions to most of the waterfalls on the trail pages on Hiking NB. '” he says. I over hear a few others say it is their first time here. The large granite slabs have been carved by the stream to form many small waterfalls and pools. The way is rough filled with deep potholes, then it widens into a large gravel pit. So far, I’ve been to Aboiteau (Sandy Beach), Bouctouche Dunes, Caissie Cape, and Parlee Beach. The only thing that distracts from it is the garbage and bottles that people leave laying around and the trees that have been broken off or sawn off. Rough hewn from nature, this spring-fed, 55-foot deep swimming hole lies at the base of steep rock walls dripping with greenery. This is the my most viewed post. Its pqartway back towards town. ... We hiked quite a bit at the Fundy National Park and wore out the dogs. How sad. Coac Falls – Coac Falls in Upper Queensbury has a deep pool that is the perfect size to take a dip. Coac Falls is not accessible as there is a no trespassing sign. Summer is always a great time to explore, go on adventures and of course go swimming. We … We hope they will also become your favourites. Some people don’t respect nature and other people’s properties. It's a Regular size geocache, with difficulty of 2, terrain of 2. Cheers and Happy travels from Maritime Mac. I lived it there. want more swimming beaches in New Brunswick? It has a rope swing, as well as a sandy beach which can be driven up to. ( Log Out /  I stop in. I believe it was just a matter or going for approval from the Environment people. Now you can’t even go there and not see somebody you know. Kayakers can launch from a short hill alongside the road or carry the kayaks and paddleboards from the parking lot to the lake. ” Excuse me, do you know where The Cuts, is?”. Gordon Falls in Elgin is lovely. He tells me he went with others he didn’t drive and didn’t pay attention. The Swimming Hole (also known as Swimming and The Old Swimming Hole) is an 1884–85 painting by the American artist Thomas Eakins (1844–1916), Goodrich catalog #190, in the collection of the Amon Carter Museum of American Art in Fort Worth, Texas.Executed in oil on canvas, it depicts six men swimming naked in a lake, and is considered a masterpiece of American painting. The water is clean and clear, but the bottom of the swimming hole is entirely boulders covered with algae that stirs up quickly. Vision: A leader in the sport community, we are a sport of choice that inspires New Brunswickers to strive for excellence in competitive swimming… Oh Cassidy you must got, it is a pretty neat spot. Visit our golf page to book your tee time. New Brunswick has many amazing waterfalls and most of them are easy to access. ..compared to some local kids partying and leaving a mess behind in the past. I snapped a picture for comparisons thinking there is a story in it, then file the info away. ( Log Out /  A link to Coac Falls near Nackawic can be found at: http://www.hikingnb.ca/Trails/LowerSJRiver/CoacFalls.html. No issues with getting there in a small car, just long. Within meters of the beach, I am well over my head as I submerged in a wonderful cool delight. In 2011, Greater Moncton has a … Changing areas, … Have you had any offers selling the property at Moss Glen? I got a blood sucker and me and it had babies but other than that it was so much fun. View Details View Golf Course Details. Report inappropriate content . United States Forums; ... New Brunswick . The casino had free overnight parking and they also had free coffee and drinks in the casino. Also, where does one find the list with directions for other falls in NB? Just a short walk over a steep hill and you are in a deep ravine that holds the waterfall. It is pretty, lined with pines and lots of roadkill. ... New … You can also walk behind the waterfall. I change into my bathing suit in the truck, grab my towel, chair hat and sunglasses. The pool at the bottom of the falls is about 5 feet at its deepest and large enough to take a nice swim. It is a gravel surface and I leave a trail of dust behind me. . It didn’t matter that I had no bathing suit. Quiddy Falls in Waterford is by far the most beautiful swimming waterfall I’ve seen yet. I have added some pictures and hope to get more soon. I don't recommend the swimming! Unfortunately, it’s being visited more and more by people that can’t respect the land. It is deep, very deep. great for a junior. I spend an hours laying in the sun drying off. Probably ly the best one is the falls close to the Irving refinery, Maggies Falls in Victoria county Arthurette beautiful, Mullin Stream Falls is much better spot for swimming than Sheephouse Falls ,if in the Miramichi area ,just to bad people wouldn`t take their garbage back out ,pigs ,just PIGS. We were there today and it was clean and no trash. Complete list and interactive map of Swimming Holes across New Brunswick including address, hours, phone numbers, and website. He said it was beautiful, and secluded -an old quarry, spring fed, “…cool clear, fantastic.” I asked with too much enthusiasm, “Where is it located?” He didn’t reply. The PWA does not encourage anyone to swim here. in Colpitt's Settlement. One time, a group showed up on ATVs while we were there for a weekend, built a fire and had lunch, then rode away, leaving all their trash and empty cans/bottles on the ground. Why are places on private property even being listed in these articles/books? Beautiful and very well written, TY also for the follow. I am going slowly looking left and right at each opening for a dirt road, The lady clerk had said,” The road goes East and West… turn  East.” I see the sign for the road she spoke of, I make the turn. The adventures of creating the most definitive guide to hiking in New Brunswick / Aventures vers la création du guide par excellence de la randonnée au Nouveau-Brunswick. Gwynn. He works at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, N.J., and at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Try Kilarney Lake Beach, or New River Beach, New Brunswick. Swimming New Brunswick is a non-profit Provincial Sport Organization for the promotion, guidance and regulation of competitive swimmers and their programs. If so please email me the details! Learn how your comment data is processed. Hayes falls is one of the larger falls in the province that runs down over a rock face that splits it around the rocks. It is an exploration and documentation of the Waterfalls of New Brunswick. Thanks, Patricia, Patricia, I love this area and would be very interested! According to art … Hit the green fairways at our award-winning 18-hole golf course in New Brunswick. On a hot August afternoon at the Cuts — a popular swimming hole in Springfield, near the head of Belleisle Bay — swimmers paddle and dive off the tall cliffs. There are so many small falls and pools to choose from that you won’t get bored. One trip down a tree-lined 30-foot drop in spring-fed whitewater, and you'll never go back … The large granite slabs have been carved by the stream to form many small waterfalls and pools. I live near but have never ventured out that way yet. Complete List of Swimming Holes Locations in New Brunswick . I stay in the water paddling and floating for well over half an hour. I ended up losing a $1.05 CAD at the slot machines. Lol, you comment about the regulars, gave me a chuckle.. “The cuts secret is safe with me” then proceeds to tell the whole world about it lol. The following video links are from waterfall swimming adventures in 2015. Thrill seekers, adrenaline junkies, whatever you prefer; They stand on the rock ledge facing the edge, then stepping off, dropping into the depths. The property is under ‘new management’, so to speak, as of last fall backpackerarchives. Just outside of Woodstock, New Brunswick there is a nice little spot to go swimming, locals call it the Blue Lagoon. We’ve been there for 3 days straight!!! The reason is the undertow under the swimming hole that can pull you down and over Gordon Falls. 3:13. She gives me quick directions. 1-2 of 2 replies Sorted by. Your email address will not be published. Well actually there are many lakes and swimming holes in new brunswick and this is one of my favorites. Then Irving piped it off and filled it in. We visited the Gorge Road Spring in Moncton in August 2016 and filled up our water jugs here. Related Topics : Hot Springs; Nude Beaches and Clothing Optional Beaches; Public Swimming Pools; Alma: 1: Are we missing a Swimming Holes location or another place that you know about? HTH. New Jersey’s Major Cities Looked So Different In The 1910s. New Brunswick Invasion of the giant goldfish: Pets overrun local swimming hole. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. 2. click on a region on the map and then click on the link that appears. Waterfalls make great places to explore during the hot summer months, whether they have a swimming pool at the bottom or not. It is not as cold as our spot in Cape Breton. I stopped and checked my map at a crossroads, then continue over the river and found The Pines Conservation Area.

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