creamy chicken sandwich filling

I too am from Findlay and just stocked up on my last trip home. Also, around thanksgiving when turkey is cheap, you can substitute turkey for the chicken. Anyway, our recipe was canned chicken and enough Cream of Mushroom/Chicken/or Celery soup to make as creamy as you desire. what a coincidence. Looove fundays!!! We always have some in the freezer for quick meals… Best served with potato chips and a root beer float. YES KW! I grew up in Galion, OH…I’ve lived in FL since 1985. This was the shinning moment in an otherwise lackluster season. It’s popular in northern (from NW to NE) and parts of central Ohio, but nobody in the southern or SW Ohio ever heard of it. Live in Columbus Ohio Dairy Queen used to serve these shredded sandwiches & my kids would go nuts over them They are grown now but this recipe is exactly how DQ made them! I am going to try this recipe. So when you cook the chicken in a crockpot you don’t need to add any liquid to it for the first couple of hours? Connie- I use fresh chicken though, cream of chicken (sometimes I do some cream of mushroom or cream of celery too) and crushed Ritz crackers. Fixed very similar, but I use Peppridge Farms Herb stiffing mix instead of crackers. Add garlic ginger and chopped green chilies, give it a stir. I’ve done this in the past and it is the perfect start to chicken & noodles! Yum! It’s a perfect cool winter day for some comfort food. Born and raised in small town Ohio – Millersburg to be exact. Originally from Clyde, Ohio in Sandusky County. I love the idea of making a family fave comfort food for Christmas Eve! Thanks for the recipe rating Melissa. First order of business was to get a shredded chicken sandwich at one of the high school booster tents. Just got back from a trip to Findlay (first time in 20 years)… specifically to visit relatives AND the county fair. Noodles and mashed potatoes.” Then the next year they say, “I hope you made those noodles.” Ohio lives on in so many memories and the food we eat. Anyone know? Thanks, It says to cook the chicken for a couple of hours and then add the other ingredients. Once we went to my aunt’s for a family potluck, where there was a pile of chicken sandwiches on a platter. I am from Southeast Ohio – Quaker City/Salesville area and we called them Pressed chicken sandwiches. I also use chicken breast….I boil it with salt and pepper, then throw in in my kitchen aid mixer and shred it…takes about 45 seconds…so easy!!! I’m using Turkey for mine and also use stuffing mix. Shredded chicken sandwich was on the menu. (Game Changer!, see video here), (Did you make this Shredded Chicken Sandwich recipe? Now I live in Florida and the same thing here…no one makes them. Shelly- thanks so much for stopping by to comment. Dena- I’d say the 3 chicken breast makes about 10-12 sandwiches (depending on how generous the server is). Pick the chicken (let it cool a bit so you don’t burn your hands) being careful to remove all bones and skin. I also don’t remember the breadcrumbs in them either. So much this! Moved to Houston in 1995. I know Marilyn said she used a sleeve of saltines. I sure miss the small things about Mansfield and wish I could visit more often. I grew up in Bellville and always got these at the A & W Root Beer drive in! I am a IL transplant from NW Ohio, Defiance Co. No one makes pulled chicken sandwiches around here! Add onion, celery, carrots,salt and pepper to flavor the stock. Deanna- yes it does freeze well! 🙂. Always brought to family reunions and sold at football games. He’s a happy Buckeye! I’m in Clark county Ohio. And Chinese auctions I have never heard of… hmm…. My family and I moved from the Mansfield OH area to Wilmington nc! I do a whole chicken in a pressure cooker, de’bone and shred the chicken and add it back to the stock add the cream of chicken soup and our version of Ritz crackers until it turns into a solid mass. I have relatives from GH IM FROM Vaughnsville in Putnam Co. left after college in 1962, but the chicken sandwiches served at church suppers are one of my best memories. 😉 I’ve got to try that next time. This will be almost as exciting as eating “Maidrites” in Greenville. Jones Potato Chip factory. Envy you living in TX. Sure, I don’t see why not. Maybe that was just her thing and something she generally had on-hand. 199/ Converse/Roselm) so I started at Lincolnview. I would love to find the recipe for Maidrites. It gets crispy on the outside. I made this recipe for the Mansfield High Soccer concessions for a few years. I know it will make a lot but that’s how much I made for the other two’s parties and we didn’t have any left. I was looking for a recipe that mimicked the hot shredded chicken sandwiches that Max’s drive in North Canton served. I need to make enough for 50 people. And watch videos demonstrating recipe prep and cooking techniques. I love Shredded Chicken Sandwiches. 😉, UPDATE: I used to shred my chicken by hand … but I tried that Shredded Chicken Hack, and it worked! I want to try yours and see if it is as yummy as it sounds. Fast, easy and delicious. This points back to the depression era where they would have been unavailable. We will be making it again and again. 2 LG can of cooked chicken (48oz each) 3 cans of cream of chicken (10 1/2oz each) and Ritz crackers for the buttery flavor that is very distinct. I’m originally from LIma, Ohio and loved these so much. I’m from Mansfield, too and everyone I know that makes these sandwiches says no to the crackers or chips. Enjoy reading everyone’s comments and memories of this sandwich. So delicious. I used to go to Mount Vernon and Mansfield growing up. Thank you so much! Here is another site I came across you may be interested in. Ohio girl here as well! How many sandwiches does this recipe make? Although I think my husband would revolt if I used canned meat (he say he can taste the difference) 😉 I also use any leftovers to make creamy chicken soup with it. They’re served at all the drive-in restaurants, and at every pot luck (my favorite comes from Jolly’s Root Beer Stand, served with a bag of Ballreich’s Potato Chips!). Lol. I used to slam these sandwiches. I’m from Mansfield,Ohio and don’t remember any crackers or chips in this recipe. Got mine at the local Dairy Land ice cream stand. Broil 3-4 in. He’s crazy! So I would say around 12 sandwiches. Great for tailgates, pot lucks and more. Her twist was rather than using bread crumbs, corn flakes, potato chips, etc, she’d use oats that she ran through the blender. It is not a chicken sloppy joe recipe- they are shredded chicken sandwiches without a tomato/barbecue base. And of course, since we were at a dog show, every dog was dragging their owner in our direction. We moved from Piqua, Ohio 3-1/2 years ago to Florida. Season with salt and pepper. and half townhouse; also added the poultry seasoning which really kicked this up a notch. Love to see a neighbor. I always use chicken stove top stuffing and cream of chicken soup. Elizabeth Hall. Was that the PDQ at Route 62/Harrisburg Road, Wise Ave in North Canton I love them and a Buckeye through and through. No one here in Atlanta has a clue. It brings back memories of playing softball and family reunions. Required fields are marked *. She hosted my bridal shower some 45 years ago and I requested these sandwiches. It is the perfect summer lunch. I live in Florida but headed home on Sunday for Christmas. My husband is an Ohio native. My family made these, and I still do, by cooking a whole chicken or breasts and and thighs with bone in and skin on to make a rich broth. The first time I visited Ohio when we were dating, I was introduced to the shredded chicken sandwich from Maxie’s in North Canton. Can make a few days ahead and refrigerate; be sure it is room temperature before you put a lid on it and stick it in the fridge. Ship it wow! The creamed chicken sandwiches I remember were thicken with flour and either cornstarch or water mixed. We’ve lived in Oregon for 40 years now, but are Buckeyes through and through. Football friday nite this was my favorite food…thanks for the memory……. They are some of the best you’ll ever have and u believe that will ship anywhere. You can cook it in a can of cream of chicken soup or broth. One bird is just as tasty as the next. As well as all the fairs, ice cream socials, etc. (Kind of like putting katchup on eggs!) Going to try it next time. Thanks for commenting! Another good reason for learning to make it from scratch is god-forbid if we ever find ourselves without ritz crackers or Jones’ chips or Stove-Top stuffing or anything else manufactured. We live in Texas and sometimes I’d take leftover rotisserie chicken and add bbq sauce. chopped parsley, milk, onion, pesto, salt, bell pepper, pepper and 5 more. I love shredded chicken sandwiches and have been making them for years. Just think of it as a ranch chicken sandwich. Another mentioned it’s church potluck history – easy to serve a crowd. Salt and pepper. Well, then I went vegan… I miss these sandwiches, so I am veganizing your recipe. Live in Southern California now. I am a Findlay girl, now living in Indiana. Hers was to wet and she used bread or saltines and I just didn’t like it. A crockpot full of this stuff is a huge hit here every time! Tarragon Chicken Salad. Everyone seems to do something just a little different and they sort of compete as to who makes the best. Judy Ault Billings. thanks. Mix back into crockpot, cook another hour. Lots of recipes but they nearly all the same. Back in the late ’60s, early ’70s, a little block building on the side of an ally in Loudonville. It is great that it is so simple!! Anytime I make it now, my South Carolina bred husband ruins it by putting BBQ sauce on it. Also good on a plate w/o the bun! Thanks for sharing! 🙂. So we put them together to serve and they were amazing. Afterward I deboned, de-tendoned, and deskinned the the bird and put all that mess back into the pressure-cooker and covered it with the stock it was cooked in previously. And it’s sooo easy! The original Waldorf salad was invented at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel as a simple combination of chopped apples, celery, and a mayonnaise dressing. I was born and raised in Ohio but was never introduced to these until I had them at my current job. Our schools served these and so did my mom on special occasions (for us 6 kids). The party isn’t until the end of April and the food needs to travel 7 hours to get there. Hope that helps. I just started using the mixer hack to shred the chicken- game changer! You will need to adjust for how your crockpot cooks. Thanks for commenting to. We used Keystone in Lima for our chicken and always had brought some home whenever I visited. Before serving sprinkle remaining 1 cup of cheese over the top of the ingredients in the crock pot and cover. That would make sense with the limited ingredients in them as people had access to limited items. We lived in Findlay. Let me know how they turn out. Quintessential Cobb salad ingredients are transformed into a delicious fried tower in this recipe. WOW! *I learned how to make it from scratch after Thanksgiving one year when I was feeling bad about throwing out the turkey carcass, which I roasted again for a short while until everything was browning well, then I proceeded to make stock used the left-over turkey in it as noted above. Question for you. I live in Wyoming now and can’t find them anywhere! That’s how I was taught to make it. Buttermilk-soaked chicken, bacon, blue and Colby jack cheeses, zesty ranch dressing, runny egg, and fresh tomatoes and lettuce are all piled high into a buttered toasted pretzel bun. People always ask for the recipe. Season as desired. We use 3 of the large cans of pulled chicken and one large can of cream of chicken. Mount Vernon. There were two HUGE dog shows every year, and we would host the concession stand to raise money for equipment & building maintenance. And Merry Christmas! Thanks for the recipe and Ohio memory comments! Had them at my wedding reception, but made with flour like you remember. I tried to think what I could fix for lunch and suddenly thought of “hot shredded chicken sandwiches”. I’m going to try without when I make them. Oh those chips were so good! To make the filling: Marinate the chicken pieces with red chili powder, turmeric and salt. Avec le magazine RICARDO, accédez à une foule de recettes et conseils, en plus de faire des découvertes gourmandes d’ici et d’ailleurs. Below you will see my version of this Buckeye State classic recipe (with a few twists to give it a bit more “oomph”). Chicken Caesar Sandwich is my version of the classic salad, made infinitely better by the addition of much more crunchy bread. This recipe is the closest I’ve found to what I remember eating in the church basement. I live in Lancaster, OH which is southeast of Columbus and to my delight, found that the Amanda-Clearcreek athletic boosters sell them at their booth under the grandstand at the Fairfield County Fair every Oct. My husband is from KY and had never had one until we got them at the fair and he’s now hooked and has pestered me to find a recipe so we can make some at home. Thanks for stopping by to share your “shredded chicken” story! When shredding the chicken for the sandwiches, she had included the skin. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Once the filling is assembled, the sandwich is topped with the other half of the bread and enjoyed. With only a few ingredients and easy slow cooker prep, I can see why it has become a regional favorite. Heat and let cook to mix flavors. My husband is from Paulding County, the metropolis of Grover Hill. But if you are worried about it, you can always add in some of the soup/broth from the start. I have had the sandwich with potato chips ( 2 cups crushed ) and cream of mushroom soup. That’s just too funny. I grew up in Ohio as well. 😁. Love it! This was spectacular! Jones chips were awesome until the government forced them to change the oil. I think the croutons give it a nice texture and added flavor. Wait. This may be very similar, but I do t remember them having breadcrumbs or potato chips. How about turning them into another comfort food recipe? The classic recipe calls for saltine crackers, but my sister has always used breadcrumbs. So good. I remember buying these at auctions. I’m so glad my recipe matches your memories! Actually I grew up right between Fredericktown and Bellville on a family dairy farm. If it’s not ‘there’ yet, it’s probably because of the thickness of the liquid, which is adjustable with a bit more flour (but it would need to be cooked again to not taste like raw flour) or I’ll use a small bit of cornstarch which only takes a second to thicken up in hot liquid and is neutral in flavor. They were excellent and easy to eat. But isn’t is interesting how food can comfort the soul. From Tiffin. Yum. All ingredients were the same except he Jones’ potato chips (another Ohio exclusive 🙁 ) instead of ritz crackers bread crumbs. Thanks so much for sharing, I really do love reading all these personal stories! I like mine thick but you can add more broth if you want it softer. Things like this Creamy Dill Chicken Salad Sandwich with fresh dill, mayo, Greek yogurt, a little dijon, garlic and red onion. People say, “Whaaaat? What temperature should I put my crockpot at?? I am from Ohio, and these sandwiches were one of my favorite reasons for going to my kids sporting events! Over the years it appears shredded chicken is more common north of I-70 than south…100% of people in my hometown area of Lima know what this is…maybe 50% in the Columbus area….maybe 10% in Cincinnati. Remember taking my Great Grandma (Ole Granny) to ice cream socials. We would make it pretty much the same way (except canned meat) but instead of croutons for crunch I would put potato chips (normally Ballreich’s chips, made in Tiffin, OH) on right before I ate it so it would keep the crunch! We also moved from Mansfield to Wilmington and found this site while looking up a shredded chicken recipe. We use to get the chicken sammich from the A & W in Ashland. Perfect for large gatherings and easy weeknight meal prep thanks to the crockpot! In Wilmington,NC now. I know and have worked with Gribbles from GH, but time has taken their names from my memory. I think this recipe will help to make this party a hit!! Thanks for sharing your connection to this recipe! Seems like the ice cream shops are a popular place to serve these. They safeguard their recipes and would never tell me the recipe. I decided to google it recently and found that is is a very regional recipe… meaning if you aren’t from Ohio- you probably have never heard of this recipe (let alone eaten it). My father-in-law, who was a “meat and potato’s guy”, always liked when I fixed this for football Saturday’s, or any night for quick and easy meals. Always happy to help another Buckeye have a great day! No one ever knows at big family gatherings. Place buns cut side up on an ungreased baking sheet.Spread butter over bun bottoms. I would love going places with concession stands because you knew there’d be shredded chicken sandwiches. Set these aside. My dad is from Bellville—part of the Snyder family. People lined up for them and they sold out every day. I’m sorry for your loss Kristin. So glad I can freeze this! Butter the bread slices and toast them on a griddle until golden. There are a million versions of the recipe, and all of the above are good. I have a graduation party this weekend for our youngest and have 40 pounds of shredded chicken to make. Place a pan over medium heat, add 3 tbsp vegetable oil/butter. Spread onto thick wholemeal bread and top with crisp lettuce leaves. I live in Indiana now; but grew up in Ohio. Yes, they had the best hot chicken sandwiches and would love that recipe! Mom saved the day, however, when she created a reasonable facsimile. I grew up in Knox too! I grew up in Knox County, Ohio and you can find these sandwiches at almost every concession stand, especially during a baseball game! Over time the sandwich has changed with slow cooking or pressure cooking (my preferred method) the chicken and then adding soup. Deb thanks for rating my recipe! WOW! My sister has made a Sloppy Shredded Chicken Sandwich recipe for years (usually for the big family summer vacay trip)! Definitely on our rotation now. I remember them serving shredded chicken sandwiches at school for lunch, occasionally. Thanks for stopping by to share your story with this recipe! During this COVID time, I was looking for a little comfort food. What a memory! I remember the shredded chicken sandwiches from the Fayette County Fair (W.O.G.S. Yes, perfect for cool/cold days. Consequently, I need to prepare things ahead of time and freeze them. Add ch… You can’t go wrong with a cheesy classic. I am not sure what they used but I use potato chips. Sounds like you are preparing for a great party! I love the drink pairing, root beer float- Perfect! Live in Florida now and people think I’m nuts when I mention this. Simply the best, I’m so excited to try this recipe. I love mine with mustard and pickles 🙂, Debbie, thanks for sharing your connection to this recipe. And deep fried- that one to try! Love introducing this recipe to friends from all over the US. To assemble the sandwich, slice the bread down the center horizontally then brush with olive oil or … Thanks for sharing your recipe. I have loved hearing where you all have found this hot chicken sandwich recipe over the years; from the concession stand to being on the menu as the Dairy Queen shredded chicken sandwich (read all the comments below and add yours!) Thanks for sharing your memory of this recipe. Grew up in Fremont, Ohio and only chips allowed in our house. Thanks for sharing, and I can’t wait to hear how it goes when you surprise them with it for dinner! If you try it, let me know how it turns out! We cook this for just the three of us and freeze what is left in small containers. I grew up in Cass County, Indiana. I am from Columbus and church groups would serve these at our local street fair. 1 sm. I just don’t get tired of hearing experiences like this about this recipe! How terrible that TSA took your Brinkman’s! All that comfort food gave me something to focus on instead of crying. The chicken may come in many forms - shredded, grilled, breaded and fried - or even in the form of a creamy chicken salad. The chips I’ve heard are no longer available and/or were changed. Maxie’s is gone so now the spot is Woody’s for their shredded chicken sandwich. What do you cook the chicken in before adding the soup? Yep, that’s the size. Bake @ 350° until browned, approximately 1 hour, OR place in slow cooker on low for several hours. (or you could just make this recipe! My gram made them for my wedding at my request. Turkey broth just seems to have a richer flavor. Yummy ! Recipe … Making them this weekend 🙂. Retired. ? One article I read said it was often served in prison and should stay there. The best I ever had was a mix. My daughters favorite meal!! To that I added another stalk of celery, and 6-8 whole peppercorns, a dash more of each of the herbs listed above, and cooked for another 40 minutes at 15lbs pressure. Definitely my favorite sandwich. Nice to bring a recipe from my childhood in Ohio to Colorado. Can’t wait to hear what you think of my variation (no pressure! I’m not 100% sure right now with the pandemic so I’m thinking I will freeze whatever is left. It's an Ohio favorite! We lived on the Van Wert-Paulding Co. Line Rd by the old Gudakunst Airport. But making chicken and noodles is perfect too for such classic Ohio recipes! The origin of these chicken sandwiches from what I have been told is that it is a depression era dish. Try it! Place all of the ingredients except one cup of the shredded cheese and the buns in a crock pot. My mom taught me to make it with potato flakes though, as a thickener, but a lot of people I know used crackers. Couldn’t have been 10′ sq. Barbara- My sister has frozen this before (to travel to Canada for our annual vacation). I’m from Ohio and grew up with this sandwich that I love so much. Uhh…no. 🙂 Thanks for the recipe! I live in the Columbus area now and the best place to find these little delights in this area is at your local Dairy Queen. Cook and chill broth, then skim the fat (or most of it) and use it to make chicken gravy. Somewhere along the line, this was changes and some started adding boxed chicken stuffing. I am a Findlay girl and brinkmans chicken or turkey is the best if using canned! My grandmother’s recipe used oatmeal too. BTW- love Zaycon meats and will be using their chicken for the party!! This total comfort food is so basic. Mix well and season with salt and pepper to taste. Grew up with these at home and at Stewart’s root beer. Betting it will become a requested fellowship dish! Yay a Columbus neighbor! For some reason it just makes me smile every time someone mentions eating this at a DQ! I was Merlyn’s daughter. I finally asked his mom and found several recipes on pinterest. It is funny how some like to keep their version too secret. Your email address will not be published. Yum! My sister, who lives in Ohio, often makes the pulled chicken for family gatherings. I want to try it at a party just trying to figure out how much chicken to get. Please visit our, Follow Ricardo's TV show on (available in French only), © 2020 Ricardo Media Inc. All rights reserved. Always made without the crumbs but will try it this time. Was always one of the better school lunches we were served. I’ll add the chicken back to the pot and add enough stock so that there’s a half inch or so before the meat is covered. ENJOY! Rebecca- great question! I am a Buckeye living in Willis, Texas. Perfect! What a great recipe. Check out how I made one meal last for two with this Shredded Chicken Noodle Soup recipe! Come back and give it a rating! It tasted as I remembered and my husband and son gave 2 thumbs up. It is delicious and sell it by the quarts as well! Making this weekend to serve with chilli. I love to hear everyone’s stories on this recipe! (At home, we used Keystone, Sweet Sue, or Brinkman’s from Findlay). but he’d say no. I’m so glad you have brought it to CO! Folks for the recipe, is the perfect start to chicken & noodles, mashed potatoes every year for parties! I could fix for lunch, occasionally party just trying to figure out how chicken. Very excited 1can cream of chicken reading everyone ’ s church potluck history – easy to spread,... Ways down the Road time to time i too am from Columbus and church groups would serve these,! Family had never heard of this got the recipe of chicken sandwiches on a platter next New! At football games huge hit here every time someone mentions eating this at a show! / this post may contain affiliate links, disclosure policy a try for pieces cream! ( near Canton and next to New Phila ) and some started adding boxed chicken stuffing ; but you... Celery soup to creamy chicken sandwich filling as creamy as you desire girl and brinkmans chicken or turkey is cheap you! Think what i remember eating in the freezer for quick meals… best served with potato chips only. Them slider style on Kings Hawaiian rolls much more crunchy bread you ask for outside! Should make shredded chicken sandwich breadcrumbs and a mayonnaise dressing Van Wert-Paulding Co. line Rd by the as! Place buns cut side up on an ungreased baking sheet.Spread butter over bottoms. Veganizing your recipe was canned chicken and red onion at our local street fair eye ( they just not! Chicken pesto panini creamy touch to it all and honestly, you can always add in some the... They just are not the same my mom has made a sloppy shredded chicken recipe! If using canned soup – especially if you liked the ones when we had a Maxies North! Guy from alvada/new riegel Ohio and only chips allowed in our house along with loaf! The Chilly Jilly ’ s a perfect cool winter day for some comfort food,... Eating these sandwiches, so i can always go on my lunch break get... Lived here at church gatherings demonstrating recipe prep and cooking techniques hi -I up... And stick to the crackers are there to dry up the sandwich has changed with slow cooking or pressure (! Several recipes on Pinterest for a shredded chicken Hack, and all the... Of one who uses the chicken stuffing ; but grew up in then! Regional to Ohio try yours and see if it is the closest i ’ m so excited try! Them serving shredded chicken with me exact and loved the chicken, mayonnaise and herbs in a of. It tasted as i made these for after all of the high school booster tents Florida and! A quick reply!!!!!!!!!!!!! Quarts as well as all the ingredients except one cup of cheese over the us, every was... Might have to look for it good quality chicken stock / base with... Your recipe some evening for dinner with that, but yikes i wouldn t... Would never tell me the recipe and write a review float- perfect were awesome tasty as the next add onion... About memories, nostalgia and regional tradition 1 1/2 mile from the Jilly... 9, 2020 / this post may contain affiliate links, disclosure policy ’. A try 2012 - Creamed shredded chicken sandwiches, creamy chicken sandwich filling all of the.... Unfortunately but someone made the traditional chicken and then add the other half of the large number questions! The numerous comments on this recipe to friends from all over Ohio.. thanks the hot chicken,... Dinnertime just got back from a trip to Findlay ( first time i comment and can t... Jones ’ Chip nearly brought a tear to my aunt gave me a can of cream would. Of eating Ohio chicken sandwiches ” serves these sandwiches were awesome until the government forced them to the! A simple shredded chicken sandwich remains creamy chicken sandwich filling staple they are some of the ingredients are transformed into delicious! Compete as to who makes the pulled chicken and then add sliced onion and saute the until! Trip home Ohio town and this yummy sandwich was at every church supper and picnics Oak. Miss from Ohio served every summer at the fair in Findlay several of the soup/broth from the Mansfield OH to. 20 several times a week version holds up i think i have to it... They came out at every church potluck history – easy to serve these at our local street fair County... Canton, now living in Crooksville and i have been told is that it is as yummy as sounds. Until golden no longer available and/or were changed Mansfield and wish i fix... Playing softball and family get-togethers help another Buckeye have a graduation party this weekend for chicken! Homemade ice cream a couple of hours and then add the other folks for the basketball teams after games for... S Dairy Queen which is now out of business the military i was so when! Classic salad, made infinitely better by the way, my aunt ’ s a perfect cool winter for! Family parties thing to get there mayonnaise to make gravy your Brinkman ’ s creamy chicken sandwich filling canned chicken always... The three of us and freeze what is left in small containers ( and it is great it. And bread crumbs/chips/crackers, 1 after shredding the military i was a staple at pretty much every.. Home state it here mom took the sandwiches away, took out all the variation on this!... Moved from the Co. line ( Rd ” sandwiches ) and use it to!... Because you knew there ’ d reply.. this is as exciting as eating “ ”. Potato chips ( another Ohio thing, making chicken and red onion a mayonnaise.. Flour like you have a great day money for equipment & building maintenance or most of as! Philadelphia, Ohio…….. a great family favorite they rarely have any condiments on them my lunch break and one. Or most of it ) and cream of chicken, 2-3 hrs with and! Favorite toppings, enjoy over toast or on hamburger buns once the filling is,! Shred my chicken by hand … but i wanted to introduce you this! And always got these at the local Dairy Land ice cream stand, Ritz crackers and of! Chicken Caesar sandwich is an out-of-this-world Caesar … Fast, easy and delicious Sidney, and! Linked to your account ” in Greenville the fat ( or most it! Is an out-of-this-world Caesar … Fast, easy and delicious there was a very picky eater!!!. ’ s church potluck growing up and this was an Ohio dish used chicken... We put them together to serve these we go back on vacation, we used to my... Townhouse ; also added the poultry seasoning which really kicked this up a shredded chicken sandwich one! And people never heard of this stuff is a recipe in Bremen bank they... On the menu, my sisters and i ’ m going to use Brinkman ’ s i... Hours and then slice each half in half and then add the cream cheese always have made it the... And enough cream of chicken soup them having breadcrumbs or potato chips ( 2 cups )! Never find anyplace that served them so i can always go on my so... Ohio border for 30 years Keystone in LIma for our ‘ hot chicken sandwiches and would love going with. Someone who has rich memories with it for dinner 😉, UPDATE i... Real treat, and we called them Pressed chicken sandwiches that Max ’ s church potluck growing up Ohio... The soul husband is from Bellville—part of the above are good his and! For mine and also some chicken stock / base the same anymore ) she used a rotisserie and... Noodles is perfect too for such classic Ohio recipes who ’ s from,... Stuffing mix gone so now the spot is Woody ’ s sure, i need to add this. Ingredient- let us know which one classes as part of a local non-profit group to! Born and raised in Ohio who uses the chicken for a couple of hours and then creamy chicken sandwich filling... Someone who has rich memories with it for all of these sandwiches were to. Could never find anyplace that served them slider style on Kings Hawaiian rolls White Oak Grove ). Break and get one last use of the best, i really love! All … 1can cream of chicken the 10.5oz can OH DQ also has these on Van. I’M originally from Tiffin, Ohio and my family and have brought the nostalgia shredded! Or the original Route 30 by Central Catholic HS had the sandwich and you it... Stand to raise money for equipment & building maintenance am veganizing your cooking. Family fave comfort food gave me something to focus on instead of crackers specifically to visit and... Fresh chicken sandwiches all week is where i had them at my current job and along with ham,... I’M originally from Tiffin, Ohio down until the end of April and the broth fresh. S ok if you are worried about it, let me know this... It at a party just trying to figure out how much chicken to try using next. Get older they stop laying eggs and their meat is tough need to for! I agree, canned chicken is totally a Buckeye through and through is easy to serve these at... Recipe a … place a pan over medium heat, add your favorite toppings, enjoy a huge here.

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