What is SHA Plus

​A certificate awarded to an organisation proving that they have approved Covid-19 health and preventative protocols in place and that 70% or more of all employees have been fully vaccinated.

How important is SHA Plus to to those wishing to travel to Phuket from abroad?

Individuals who wish to enter Phuket as of 1st July 2021 as part of the ‘Phuket Sandbox’ initiative must have confirmed reservations at hotels which are SHA Plus certified. Confirmed hotel reservations must be submitted with the individuals ‘Certificate of Entry’ (COE) application at the time of submission in their home country’s Royal Thai Embassy prior to traveling to Thailand.

Who can register to receive the SHA Plus certification?

All 10 types of organisations who have already been SHA certified can apply for SHA Plus.

At the present time, only organisations registered in the Phuket province can apply for the SHA Plus certificate as Phuket is a pilot province in view of opening up the country. (Phuket Sandbox initiative)

Where can an organisation register to receive the SHA Plus certificate?



Why is the vaccination rate set at 70%?

The internationally recognised ‘herd immunity’ percentage has been accepted at 70% by medical authorities. It is therefore imperative that all organisations manage to get 70% or more of their employees vaccinated. Future recruitment by an organisation must maintain this ratio of employees.

What documents are required from an organisation to apply for SHA Plus?

1. Hotels, accommodations and homestays

SHA Certificate showing the Certificate number

All Thai employees ID card numbers and passport numbers with the nationality of foreign employees.

Latest month’s social security receipt and the form ‘Sor Sor 1-10’ (only part 1) from the Social Security office.

2. Other types of organisations

SHA Certificate showing the Certificate number

All Thai employees ID card number and passport numbers with the nationality of foreign employees.

Latest month’s social security receipt and form ‘Sor Sor 1-10’ (only part 1) from the Social Security office. In the case the organisation has no social security documents, fill out the form showing the number of employees and have it approved by the authorised signatory of the company to confirm its validity and attach the ID cards of all the employees listed on the form.

Do all hotels have to submit Social Security documents?

All SHA Plus hotels must submit their Social Security documents without exception as it will affect the issuance of ‘Certificates of Entry’ (COE) to enter the country.

Why do hotels need the latest month’s Social Security documents to apply for SHA Plus?

The authorities will use the number of employees confirmed by the organisation with the Social Security documents from the last month to calculate the ratio of the employees who have received their vaccines.

Which employees are to be registered in the organisation?

The organisation must submit a list of all employees who perform work at the organisation. This includes permanent and temporary employees; both Thai and foreigners, students and interns who are shown in the Social Security system and those who are not covered by the Social Security system. The organisation must submit lists of all employees without fail.

In the case organisations other than hotels do not have Social Security documents showing the number of employees; for example restaurants and taxis, can they present other documents?

Have the authorised company signatory or business owner sign to certify the total number of employees in their organisation together with their company stamp and their signature plus, attach the ID cards of the owner listed as proof.

Do organisations who use outsourced companies, employees or have local partners; for example department stores, need to submit documents showing the number of employees?

The establishment owner must compile a list of the names and ID card number of the employees. An authorised person or manager of the establishment must sign to verify the total number of outsourced employees in their facility.

How will the Phuket Vaccine Committee monitor the number of employees who have been vaccinated?

The committee will take the list of all employees an organization has submitted and verify it in the online system (www.phuketmustwin.com) used during Phuket vaccine registration process and compare these figures to the number of employees shown on the Social Security documents or other documents submitted to verify the total number of employees at an organisation.

If an employee has been vaccinated in another province and has no record in the Phuket ‘must win’ system what should one do?

The organisation must send a complete list of their employees together with a proof of vaccination separate from the list submitted in the online system.

Can employees who have not yet been vaccinated perform their work?

To build ‘herd immunity’ and for public health safety, all employees who are in direct contact with foreigners should be vaccinated prior to working. If the employee is unable to receive their vaccine or has not yet received their vaccines, please refrain from assigning them from working directly in contact with foreigners.

How do organizations with branches (several hotels, restaurants and spas) who are SHA certified submit their documents?

Submit the SHA branch certificates via the system at the same time under the same company name.